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Absolute beginner: How to start JasperReports

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By: takashiyamamoto - takashiyamamoto

Absolute beginner: How to start JasperReports

2004-12-18 23:47



I have downloaded jasper reports on to my machine (Win2k). I have found the binaries (jar) in the dist directory, however, I am having problems getting started. Here is output from my console:


T:projectsjasperreports-0.6.3dist>java -jar jasperreports-0.6.3.jar

Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from



You may have guessed, I am a Java newbie. I have read a bit about jar files and manifest files etc. but surely, it shouldn't be that complicated to just *run* the application?. Any help on how to proceed will be greatly appreciated.








By: Farzad - farzadmetal

RE: Absolute beginner: How to start JasperReports

2004-12-19 00:05

jar file is the library which you may use in other apps to user JR classes and other facilities.

In order to run it you have to run the "Samples" build file. u need Ant build tool to compile and run samples,

In addition outputs are available in all formats just browse the JR directory






By: takashiyamamoto - takashiyamamoto

RE: Absolute beginner: How to start JasperRep

2004-12-19 01:37



Did as you suggested. I compiled demosamplesjasper succesfully (I "touched" JasperApp.java just 2 be sure)


However when I run java JasperApp.class, this is what I get:


T:projectsjasperreports-0.6.3demosamplesjasper>java JasperApp.class

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: JasperApp/class


I guess its something to do with classpaths, so I edited my CLASSPATH env var and added the JR/classes directory. Still no joy though ....


Any one who knows what I'm doing wrong pls let me know







By: Chris - cjis04

RE: Absolute beginner: How to start JasperRep

2004-12-31 09:00

You are specifying the extension for the java file in the command you are running in your cli. You do NOT do this in Java, just call java JasperApp.

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