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By: Andreas Mitterer - mitterea


2004-12-21 05:08

My current subreport-structure looks like this:


I load the design of the master report. In that master design xml I add as much subreports (which are already .jasper files) as Parameters.

By doing that a user can define as many subreports he likes. Currently I'm aligning my subreports like this: positionType="Float" . After that also the master report is compiled.


The problem is: I have to align my subreports in the master report design before they are filled. At that time I don't know what dimensions the subreports will have, when they are filled.

When I export a report with moren than one subreport into pdf, it can be, that the pdf report has the following structure (using 3 subreports) :


master Report title

subreport1 title

subreport1 image1

subreport2 title

subreport3 title


subreport1 image2

subreport1 image3

subreport1 image4


subreport2 image1

subreport2 image2

subreport2 image3


subreport2 image4

subreport3 image1

subreport3 image2




So the title sections of the second and third subreport appear earlier as they should.


Is it possible to provide ready filled .jrprint subreports to a master report design?

Or is there another way to solve that problem?


Thanks for help,

Andreas Mitterer

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