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Html Images from original url

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By: Alexander Wallace - aows

Html Images from original url

2004-12-08 13:18

Is it possible to have the html export use the original url to pull the images? (the url specified in the xml design)


I've seen the webap example and I want to avoid creating a session to store the images map. I'm really delivering the reports to other systems through http, not to a user using a browser, so the session cookies and such things may not work at all...


Is there other solution as to how to present those images in html export?







By: Andreas Mitterer - mitterea

RE: Html Images from original url

2004-12-20 09:07

I have nearly the same problem: My images are charts from JFreeChart, generated by a servlet.

The image urls (including the call to the servlet) are stored into a JRMapCollectionDataSource, and then embedded into the Report as report fields.

For pdf output this works very well, but for html I only see empty images.

Storing the images into a Map which is located in a session is not possible.

It would be better to find an opportunity to pass the urls directly to the generated html file than to evaluate them during the filling process...


I hope there is a solution for this problem,


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