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Deadlock without exception when filling rep.

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By: C-Box - c-box

Deadlock without exception when filling rep.

2004-11-01 05:50



today we encountered a problem with the fillmethod of JasperReport 0.6.1....


here the design(s):

- One MasterReport that contains 8 SubReports.

- I put all SubReports in it's own band (or if there is no band I created a new group for each subreport needed, so that they won't overlapp)

- the subreport don't have any margins and all does fit.

- one of the SubReports on MainReport has another three SubReports and with the PrintWhenExpression I decide what "design" for the current record should be used)

- one of the SubReports on MainReport shall print the pageFooter (just some static text) on EACH Page.


So all in all a VALID Design that works GREAT. Even with multiple positions.


Now the problem:


if you make the SubReport-Element for example 17 pixel high and compile the MainReport it says okay and I get my Jasper-File... when I make my Page-Footer-SubReport greater then 17 pixel I can compile okay and get also my Jasper....


but now when filling the report and there are more positions than one page would fit jasper must make a pagebreak..... but now the JVM stands still... no exception just NOTHING.


If we make the Page-Footers-SubReports height to 17 pixel (so that it fits in it's given element on mainReport) than everything works okay. But therefore that the compiler tells us, that the design is valid of both reports it should at least throw an exception.


Please Teodor, could you look in the fill-engine where that deadlook can happen. So we can at least react but our JBoss doesn't hang and lock the related entitybeans.


thx in advance








By: Tobias Gaekle - ike987

RE: Deadlock without exception when filling r

2004-12-09 09:04

i'm running into these problems from time to time as well, and there's not really any way to react since there's no Exception thrown and no logging that could be used for debugging either.


i hoped this would be fixed when we migrated from 0.5.0 to 0.6.1, but it looks like nothing has changed. sometimes our users upload reports that are valid xml, compile just fine, but then cause the reporting server to hang completely.


it really hope this will be looked into soon. this is a serious issue when using Jasper in a professional environment, and is (in my opinion) more important than adding new features.





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Deadlock without exception when filling r

2004-12-09 09:21




A small correction related to this problem was made

in the 0.6.2 version.


If you have a specific report template that reproduces this, please try the 0.6.2 or send it

to me for testing.




Thank you,


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