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Oracle Stored Procedure Example?

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By: dahlw656 - dahlw656

Oracle Stored Procedure Example?

2004-11-24 10:45

I'm trying to use Ireports/Jasper to query an Oracle stored procedure with 3 vars in and a reference cursor out. I can't quite figure out how I should format the querystring. I thought it would be something like:


exec mypackage.myprocedure('var1','var2',var3')


but doesn't seem to work and not sure how I would tell it what the ref cursor out would be. In java, I've been able to use callable statement.. but can't see how to do that here.


Has anyone successfully done this using Jasper? Can you provide an example of what the querystring would look like? Thanks for any help you can provide, this is a deciding factor on whether I can convince my agency to use Jasper.





By: Nikola Lazarevic - nikolal

RE: Oracle Stored Procedure Example?

2004-11-27 11:32

Try with {call mypackage.myprocedure('var1','var2',var3')}

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