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printWhen detail row is last record in group

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By: Carey Gibson - trillian11

printWhen detail row is last record in group

2006-07-05 16:37

Hey all,

Apologies if I missed a question like this -- searched to no avail.


I want to print something in my Detail band only when that detail record is the last record in that group. I've tried creating a 'row count' variable, but it's never different from $V{groupName_count}.


Is there any way to get a handle on how many records there are in a group from the detail band?






By: Lucian Chirita - lucianc

RE: printWhen detail row is last record in gr

2006-07-06 05:03

It's not possible to use the printWhen expression for this. This expression gets evaluated when the detail band is rendered, and at this time there is no way to know how many records the group is going to contain (the group breaks are determined a posteriori).


Hence, there is no way to remove the text field from all but the last record in the group. If you can settle for empty texts, you can find a solution here





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hello Lucian


i would like to print a field only on the last line of a record group, but reading your response in this forum,i understand that it is not possible using print when expression.

Unfortunatly, i can not read the link (authorization failed) could you please copy the description here.





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