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Crosstab Only

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By: Greg Reddin - greddin

Crosstab Only

2006-06-07 08:20

Most of our reports consist only of a crosstab. Jasper doesn't really seem to want to treat crosstabs as first-class citizens like this. The model seems to be that crosstabs should be a subset of the report. I've hacked it by performing a dummy count() query as my main report query and providing a subdataset with the real query in it for the crosstab. It's very ugly, but it works. Is there a better way to do a report that is basically only a crosstab? I'd almost like to just access the crosstab engine and use it to generate a table in HTML, PDF, or Excel format. Is this possible or planned?






By: Lucian Chirita - lucianc

RE: Crosstab Only

2006-06-09 10:14

Crosstabs were designed as report elements to allow full flexibility in their usage. You can easily create a report containing a single crosstab.


I'm not sure what you mean by crosstabs being subsets of reports. Could you elaborate on this?


I don't see any reason for the dummy report query. Crosstab do not necessarily have to use a subdataset, they can aggregate the data from the report datasource (i.e. the query result if the report has a query).


Therefore, you can create a report without a detail band, put the crosstab in the report summary and define the crosstab dataset not to extract data from the report datasource. Check demo/samples/crosstab/OrdersReport.jrxml for an example.








By: Greg Reddin - greddin

RE: Crosstab Only

2006-06-13 12:51

This was a misunderstanding on my part. I didn't realize you could create a report with no detail band. I was using iReport and it would always create a detail band for me. iReport 1.2.2 would not display the report if I set the detail band height to 0. iReport 1.2.3 will display it. Also, I was able to get better results by editing the XML by hand and running the report through an ant script.


Crosstabs are working good for me now.




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