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streaming xls and pdf reports in struts...

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By: brertiger - aubrertiger

streaming xls and pdf reports in struts...

2006-05-31 14:06

I am attempting to export a report in xls and pdf formats and stream the created report straight to the browser (IE). I've run into a couple of problems...


1. I'm using a struts framework, so once I've used my outputStream for the streaming of the reports, I cannot use it for my actionMapping.findforward. Thus, the parent page is stuck.


2. so, I attempted to embed a url to the method which creates the stream in a popup window. this works with a pdf yet not with excel. I don't know why??? Internet Explorer makes two request in order to load the pdf. first it gets the contentType. then, gets the actual report data. Yet, when I'm attempting to load the excel, it makes one attempt to get the excel stream and of course fails.


Note: I'm also having to use a modalDialog window for the popup.


Is there something I'm missing about the <embed> tag and excel files?? or maybe, there's a better solution to getting around the "getOutputStream() has already been called" problem when using struts and Jasper Reports????


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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