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JapserViewer shuts down JBoss

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By: Kyriakos Tsourapas - kyriakos_t

JapserViewer shuts down JBoss

2006-05-20 03:58



I am trying to view a report using code from inside a servlet. Everything works fine. I can even export the report to PDF. But if I try to view it, when I close the viewer, JBoss shuts down too.


Any help ?





By: Lucian Chirita - lucianc

RE: JapserViewer shuts down JBoss

2006-05-24 22:59



Are you sure you want to open the JasperViewer from a servlet? This would not open the viewer on the client machine..


Anyway, you need to explicitly pass false as the isExitOnClose argument (e.g. JasperViewer(jasperPrint, false)) so that the JVM doesn't exit when the viewer is closed.








By: Kyriakos Tsourapas - kyriakos_t

RE: JapserViewer shuts down JBoss

2006-05-25 09:43

Hi Lucian


You are totally right about the servlet. I had not thought about it.


Thank you for your answer !

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