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Charts style and Locale

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By: soujiro_as - soujiro_as

Charts style and Locale

2006-05-11 08:00

Hi, I'm implemented a chart using the API of JasperReports, but when I set the style (chart.setStyle("chart_style")), only the forecolor are applied tho the skin of the chart.


How can I apply a style (font name, font size, etc) to the chart? (axis labels, legend, etc).


Other problem, I create a TimeSeries chart, this show the months of a year (ene-2006, feb2006, etc) in a spanish locale, but in my application, the user has a default Locale that can be different of the systems Locale, I set the parameter "REPORT_LOCALE" in German (new Locale("de")) in the parameters map at the filling of the report, I test in the scriptlet the value of the REPORT_LOCALE parameter is "de" but the chart is showing the months names in other locale(the system locale?).


How can I show the months of a TimeSeries chart using a Locale?


Regards, and sorry by my poor english.

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