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who is doing the filling?

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By: Tbozu - tbozu

who is doing the filling?

2006-05-09 19:31

I am using JRResultSetDataSource as the datasource for my report filling.


Initially, i connect to the database and execute the query to obtain a Resultset. Next i pass this resultset object to the JasperFillManager to do the filling. However, right now, i am developing a multiple client connecting to a single server which is my jboss application. I am using MySql as my database. Since each client connects to the database directly without going to the server for reporting purposes, i need to add a new IP each time i have a new client since MySql blocks any IP not in it's users list.


I would like the client to connect to the server and then the server connects to retrieve the result from the database. However, how do i pass the resultset back to the client? once the server return the object in the EJB, the resultset connection is reset.


If i do the filling in the server, it would be too heavy for the server if the requested result is too big.


Any suggestion or opinion? i am currently stuck at this.

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