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Getting current object

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By: Morten Kristiansen - mortenkr

Getting current object

2006-05-03 06:43

I'm currently using a Collection with objects as DataSource to a Jasper report. Are there any way to get the current object in this datasource? I need something like $R{currentObject}. The reason for this is that my objects in the Collection, does not have any get methods, but methods like "getValue(String key)". So when displaying values in report i need to do this: $R{current}.getValue("myKey").

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I'm kind of desperate here... I'm thinking of declaring a method "getMe()" that returns the current instance, so that I can declare a field "me", and through "me" access the stuff I want to access.


Of course, this horrible horrible thing implies messing up my code :( ...


Does anyone have a better idea to stop this!!!???


Thanx again

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The JR bean collection data source does not support this.


However, you could easily extend JRBeanCollectionDataSource to return the current bean for fields mapped to "this" (for instance):


public class MyBeanCollectionDataSource extends JRBeanCollectionDataSource {
static final String BEAN_MAPPING = "this";
protected Object getFieldValue(Object bean, JRField field) throws JRException {
String prop = getPropertyName(field);
Object value;
if (prop.equals(BEAN_MAPPING)) {
value = bean;
} else {
value = super.getFieldValue(bean, field);
return value;




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We have included this functionality in the core JR code. Bean data sources (JRBeanCollectionDataSource and JRBeanArrayDataSource) yield the current bean as value for fields mapped to _THIS (the mapping is case sensitive):


<field name="_THIS" class="com.domain.MyBean"/>
<!-- OR -->
<field name="myBean" class="com.domain.MyBean">


This change is currently on the JR SVN trunk and will be part of the next release.




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