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Differente Odd and Even Pages

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By: Ricardo Pires - ricapires

Differente Odd and Even Pages

2006-04-04 07:21

Hello, i have been trying to this:


I have two subreports, with two diferent layouts. What i would like to do is to print one layout on the Odd Pages and the other on the Even pages...


I have tryed to do this but what i was able to do was to print different layout on the even and ood pages, but some info on each details section is lost...


Does anyone knows how i can print different layout s on even and odd pages without lossing data on my detail section?


Thanks for any help!





By: C-Box - c-box

RE: Differente Odd and Even Pages

2006-04-04 09:32

What do you mean with "loosung some data" ???


Try this:


Create two dummy groups...

put two subreports (your different layouts) into its own dummygroupheaderband....

Make the printwhenexpression of the dummygroupheaderband fitting to your needs....

put the fields in the subreport's titelband (so that the subreport does not scrolls through the rest of your data)...


trial and error a bit.... I think it must work. (so i do something similiar but with my own customdatasource.)








By: Ricardo Pires - ricapires

RE: Differente Odd and Even Pages

2006-04-05 10:49

well, i solved the problem...in fact i wasnt lossing data but it was invisible data... :)


i worked with my customdatasource to fit better my needs and also used the printwhenexpression, and now all goes well...


but now i have a different problem...


image a query result that as 10 rows...how can i make a report to print only 4 rows per page?

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