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return values from subreports within groups

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By: chriss78 - chriss78

return values from subreports within groups

2006-03-09 09:17

Hello everyone.

I have a master report with 3 subreports.

The master report is just there to format things out so its datasource is a JREmptyDataSource.

Each subreport has a SQL connection and an sql query to get data from the database.


Because I wanted to have each subreport starting on a new page, I have added 3 groups to my master report (1 subreport per group because 1 group is not working because of the empty datasource afaik).

My problem is to retrieve variables from the subreports.

When my subreports were in the detail section, the return subreport values were working great, but now they are in groups, I can't get any value from the subreports.

Am I missing something ? Or is there a way to let the subreports in the detail section and have it starting on a new page ?

What I want to get is for example the REPORT_COUNT variable for each subreport, so I can have a summary with everything (I have tried evaluation time Report but not working)

Thanks gor any help,




PS: Japser is really powerfull so I want to keep using it ;-)





By: Madhuamar - madhuamar

RE: return values from subreports within groups

2006-03-28 04:10

Hi Chriss,


I am having same problem .Please let me know how you solved the issue .


Teodor : Please look into this issue its urgent .


Thanking you in Advance .


Madhu .





By: chriss78 - chriss78

RE: return values from subreports within groups

2006-03-30 00:45

Finally I have found a workarounf to my problem. What I do is retrieve the data with Java code and create a custom datasource that is based on a collection of beans.

My beans contains one value that is used to group data so I can differentiate the 3 reports. In the end I have just one 1 report with a custom datasource and a group section. You can setup the newPage for each change of group value and you have the same result and no problems with the page number.

Hope this helps,



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