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How to get images from web application contex

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By: casey123 - casey123

How to get images from web application contex

2006-03-24 09:00

I have JasperReports running in a web application which uses Spring. If I put the jasper template files and images in the classpath (e.g com/report/admin/AdminReport.jrxml and com/report/admin/adminLogo.gif)and use getClass().getClassLoader.getResource(templateFileLocation) everything works fine.


But, there must eb a better solution where the images and the template files are located outside of the classpath and the application should be able to get to them.


For e.g.









As i am using Spring I am trying to use Resource but am not able to get the file or the image. This is really baffling me. Seems to me that this should be straightforward and hence I must be missing something.


What is the general way of doing this in a web application context? Has anybody been able to get images from outside of the WEB-INF directory? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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