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By: susun - wellrun

About API

2003-06-23 01:21

When i use the API document,i found it is very very concise,no detail about method.how can i got more detailed API document? who has it?





By: Bryan Noll - byne

RE: About API

2003-06-23 14:56

I too would be interested to know if there is an API out there that has a better description of classes/interfaces/methods/etc and what they are/do.






By: cosjav - cosjav

RE: About API

2004-08-11 20:59

Can the developers please comment on this?


I think that, with respect to the fact that this is open source, documentation is still essential...


Is there any possibility of obtaining a more comprehensive API? ("that has a better description of classes/interfaces/methods/etc and what they are/do.")





By: Emmanuel Okyere - eokyere

RE: About API

2004-08-11 22:08

Can the developers please comment on this?


"The developers", essentially, includes everyone who takes a look at the code and can at least make out what's going on; since you are looking for a better description of stuff, i take it you probably fall into this group... the beauty of opensource is that nothing stops you from documenting what you think you understand and posting it as an attachment to posts such as these... yes... documentation is a pain (often described as not interesting), but we all want it... who'll bell the cat? :)


if it helps any, i'm documenting the code as I do few modifications to suit my needs internally... can't promise anything... but hopefully in the future I might be able to contribute a more robust javadoc to the project


- eokyere





By: cosjav - cosjav

RE: About API

2004-08-11 22:41

Hi eokyere,


I agree with you on that front, however, it is very troublesome to have to refer to help forums when you get stuck since replies may sometimes take a while...


whereas a if there was a comprehensive javadoc you could just find the info in a matter of clicks...


ofcourse, i know its a lot to ask for for free software, but I wouldnt mind even paying for a comprehensive API, just so I can get my work done faster.... (since I'm using jasperReports at work)



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