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Scriptlet & Evaluation

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By: LL - lovelyliatroim

Scriptlet & Evaluation

2004-08-10 06:40

Hey Folks,

Having a problem i think with evaluation in my report,i have a report which has a scriptlet attached, on on each record in the detail section i carry out a calculation on the data, after each calculation i set a variable, now the variabe is shown in the summary section of the report, the variable is in a textfield expression, the textfield expression shows 0(initial value), now the reason i think this is, is because the textfield gets evaluated before the calculations are done!!

So basically, my variable which is calculated from the scriptlet is showing its initial value which is "0" because i think the summary report gets evaluated before the scriplet is called!!


anyone know how i can overcome this solution!! I have changed the evaluation time of the textfield to report,pade,column etc, wouldnt let me do group as i have no groups, but i still cant get it to work!!


is there any documentation on how a report is generated i.e the sequence taken to realize a report??


thanks in advance,






By: LL - lovelyliatroim

RE: Scriptlet & Evaluation

2004-08-11 06:09

easy when you know how, just had to set the variable type from "Nothing" to "System"!! then works fine!!

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