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Tomcat/UNIX deployment

2005 IR Help

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By: Raj - purirb123

Tomcat/UNIX deployment

2004-08-04 14:29

I am using sample web application that has come with library. I made changes to point to Oracle database. This works great as long as I test it in window NT/Tomcat 5.x environment. However when I copy the war file to UNIX(Solaris box) and deploy application per sample. It seems all directories etc are created fine, but none of the example for servlet or JSP work. Do I need any special setting on Tomcat for this to work. My simple JSP page that connects to Tomcat works fine so connecting to database is not a problem.


Do I need to do something like recompile report etc before moving to UNIX. My report is compiled straight out of ireport.


Any help will be appreciated. I am still learning this package.





By: Mykel Alvis - evilarchitect

RE: Tomcat/UNIX deployment

2004-08-06 14:18

Define "none of the example for servlet or JSP work"





By: Raj - purirb123

RE: Tomcat/UNIX deployment

2004-08-07 04:48

The problem was attributd to Tomcat not set up to handle graphic. I tried using system property headless=true in code that did not work. But putting xhost +x in startup.sh fixed it. I guess this xserver rights to all.

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