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assigning band height at runtime

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By: Swati Puranik - swatip

assigning band height at runtime

2004-02-12 03:40

can we assign the band height of detail section at run time by passing the height through a parameter in xml file.





By: Swati Puranik - swatip

RE: assigning band height at runtime

2004-04-19 03:55

Data of one of the fields of the detail section is not fixed. It depends on the user. If the user chooses an option, extra information is added to that field.


We are facing a problem. This happens rarely.

The detail section is displayed properly if 'extra information' option is seleted but the detail section is empty if 'without extra information' option is selected.


I feel this is because the band height of detail section is fixed.


The band height we have assigned is 13 we cannot increase the height too much as we don't want to increase the no. of pages.


What can be the problem and possible solution.






By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: assigning band height at runtime

2004-02-14 02:07




No, but why is it that you need this?

The band always adapts its height if inside you

have stretchable text fields or subreports.


I hope this helps.







By: Dan Watling - dwatling

RE: assigning band height at runtime

2004-07-25 13:01

A useful purpose for this feature would be in the case of barcode label printing. I've got a sheet of labels here where even though the labels are the same size, after the second row there is a gap between it and the next "group" of labels. One cannot use the stretchable text because it wouldn't be consistent all the time. If the band height could expand depending on the COLUMN_COUNT variable then printing to a sheet like this would be simple.

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