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By: karthika - karthika


2004-06-16 07:43

We are doing a project for a nationalized bank

we have to do lot of variety reports.can i go for jasper reports.

please help





By: Ronak - gandugamerio

RE: help

2004-06-16 08:53

hi , you can go for jasper report.But you need more development time for jasper compare to actuate or othor report engine(.net framwork).


We also use jasper to generate complex report.Once you generate few report after that its easy.







By: GTI - gtigti

RE: help

2004-06-16 09:36

We are developing J2EE applications for national banks and we are now testing JasperReports as alternative for CrystalReports (which was used with Centura Team Developer).


JasperReports is a powerfull tool, essentially because of two features :


- The report files are in XML format, so you can edit them with ease

- As JasperReports is full Java, you can call Java classes from your report, which was not possible with CrystalReports


In our matter, we are planning to develop applications with "zero deplyment" on the client PCs, that implyed some problems essentially with printing..


JasperReports is a good tool, and everything depends on your needs ..







By: karthika - karthika

RE: help

2004-06-18 09:48

Dear sir

We need to create Profit and loss account and balance sheet and some more complicated reports like lbr statement,non profitable asset.Can i create these sort of reports by using jasper report?

what s ur feelings .I seen one product in internet inet crystyal clear. By using this we can access crystal report from java .







By: karthika - karthika

RE: help

2004-06-19 03:00

Yes It tried the stuff.I found the main difference

between crystal report and jasper report is that

we need to create forms to passing parameters.

i think its really hard





By: karthika - karthika

RE: help

2004-06-26 23:10

Dear sir

what You mean by "zero deplyment"





By: karthika - karthika

RE: help to gtigti

2004-07-01 02:10

Can u expalain zero deployment

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