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text field long number format in excel

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By: bgriff - bgriff

text field long number format in excel

2006-01-27 05:22


In my report i have a text field that is being used to display long numnbers but they are being displayed in log10 format.

e.g. 353871234567 will be displayed as 3.5387E+11

They are being printed in this format as well.

Is there any way to set the cell format to text so that the number will be displayed as entered??






By: Denny Valliant - xenden

RE: text field long number format in excel

2006-01-29 21:44

A cheap and dirty way is to add some text to the formerly numeric data.


Just an idea...





By: bgriff - bgriff

RE: text field long number format in excel

2006-01-30 02:41

Your suggestion got me thinking. I tried using CONCAT() in the sql query to add a space character to the returned result but either excel or jasper seem to be triming trailing and leading whitespaces. So back to square one again. Thanks for the suggestion.

Post edited by: tcloonan, at: 2006/08/26 09:27

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