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Several Scriptlet classes??

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By: mafroing - mafroing

Several Scriptlet classes??

2006-01-19 07:02

Hi, Guys!


Just a short question: Is it possible to implement more than one Scriptlet classes and call their methods in a report?


I am skeptical on this, since, there is only one parameter P{REPORT_SCRIPTLET} referring the Scriptlet class and only one class to name as a Scriptlet, am I right?


THanks yo!!





By: jasperkan - jasperkannan

RE: Several Scriptlet classes??

2006-01-20 07:21

Why do u want to do that ? U can have a parent Scriptlet class which extends all your other classes with inturn extends from the JRAbstractScriptlet class ???






By: Lucian Chirita - lucianc

RE: Several Scriptlet classes??

2006-01-20 08:34



You could write a generic composite scriptlet that has a list of scriplets and calls all of them on each event. Then, for each report, maybe you could have a parameter with a default value that lists all the scriptlet classes for that report and in the setData() method of the composite scriplet you could create and init the list of report scriptlets.




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