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AccessControlException on jr pixel.gif  

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By: Collin Peters - cadiolis

AccessControlException on jr pixel.gif Â

2006-01-10 17:01

I am trying to make a java web-app using an applet. Currently I took the sample web-app from the demos directory and got that running, then tried to replace the report being run with that of my own. In the java console I get an error thenÂ


java.security.AccessControlException: access denied (java.io.FilePermission netsfjasperreportsengineimagespixel.GIF read)Â


I am unsure why I would get this error on my report and not the sample one. My report is a bit more complex. I has two sub-reports, uses i18n, links to some pictures and has some scriptlets.Â


Before I strip the report and start re-adding things step by step, I'm wondering if anyone has seen this error before or can provide any tips.





By: Collin Peters - cadiolis

RE: AccessControlException on jr pixel.gif Â

2006-01-10 17:23

re-building the report step-by-step found the problem. Strangely enough it was because another picture was missing from the harddrive. It was not the pixel.GIF file from the jasper jar though so I'm not sure why it complained about that one.

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