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mulitple subreports problem

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By: Brian Cox - tuolumne

mulitple subreports problem

2006-01-03 12:56

I want to have a report with 5 subreports displayed

in pairs side-by-side, i.e.








The subreport sample shows 2 subreports side-by-side and my report works with only 2 subreports. However, when I add the other 3,

they overwrite the first 2. I've tried various

combos of positionType without any effect.


Any suggestions?









By: C-Box - c-box

RE: mulitple subreports problem

2006-01-04 11:10

Put them in different bands (using dummy groups).

So in your case 3 dummy groups would be enough (Group1 for SR1 and SR2, Group2 for SR3 and SR4 and Group3 for SR5



voilá thats it








By: Brian Cox - tuolumne

RE: mulitple subreports problem

2006-01-04 15:32

Thanks for the tip; and, best of all, it works!

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