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Excel Formula

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By: lyf - yufeng00

Excel Formula

2004-06-15 00:25



Is there a way to write a excel formula in JasperReport: a simple formula such as value of Colume C = sum of Column A and Column B. In POI, there are some APIs for Formula, if JasperReport does not directly support it, can I get a handle to POI in Jasper? Thanks in advance.

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I have the same requirement.Was this solved?

I tried to set formula for cells in excel using POI HSSF API...

DETECT_CELL_TYPE attribute is set to true in my jasper code..Column for which we have to set SUM formula is set to Double.

When we try to set formula to the cells using HSSF ,it doesn't works why?

I tried a simple sample by setting the cell type as Integer - formula works with Integer cell type..but with double it doesn't ?anyways to fix this?




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