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using subreport with custom data source

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By: Mayur - mayuragrawal

using subreport with custom data source

2004-05-12 08:06

I will try to explain my problem with providing an easy context. There is a subReport sample in jasper.

Now subreports for address and product are attched with master report. Product and address subreorts are passed cityid as parameter at runtime by report engine automatically.


Now my problem is, I want to use custom table datasource rather than SQL query as used in the sample for these sub reports.


How do I get current city field value so that I can populate my address and product subreport datasources?

In existing sample, cityid is passed to the query automatically by report engine.


I want to populate my address data based on the city in custom datasource constructore passing this city id. then I would get my adress data based on it.


I urgently need to solve this fundamental problem because I am not really able to understand, how can I get current city id at run time.


If I am not putting my problem very clearly,please let me know. Any help would be much appreciated.


I really like this Jasper concept alot and want to put this thing to work for me.

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