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incomplete print page

2005 IR Help

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By: Hopoz - hopoz

incomplete print page

2004-04-19 16:18


Has anyone else had problems printing from a JRViewer to a printer where the report only half prints?

The result is onconsistent, sometimes printing part of the detail band, or sometimes it will just skip certain subreports.


I believe this is not a printer error because the printed page will just skip certain subreports.


The report views properly in JRViewer,, just not from the printer..


any help greatly appreciated..









By: Hopoz - hopoz

RE: incomplete print page

2004-04-19 21:25

Ok, I've been pondering on this and trying things for a while, and as far as i can tell, its a network problem with my computer.


It works on other staff members PC's, just not my notebook.



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I've got the same problem.

The report is viewed correctly with SWTJasperViewer but when it's sent to printer from the SWTJasperViewer dialog, the printed document is incomplete.


I can't find what's the problem.


I need your help, please.

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