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Jasper Report Create with itextpdf version 5.5 version


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Hi Team,

I have a requirement of creating QR Code image with itextpdf 5.5 library in my report using Jasper 6.20 version. i have created parameter type com.itextpdf.text.Image in jasper and set the expression for my image element.

i have created Image object with itextpdf library and set to the parameter. 


while running application getting exception with unknown image source class com.itextpdf.text.ImgCCITT 

could you please help me how to solve this error

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Hello There,

Could you please provide more details on the use case, and the complete stack trace information, attach reports and details with some screenshots to provide more details around the context so we can guide you on how to resolve this issue. 

Thank you 


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