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Deploying reports


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We are currently using an ancient embedded Jasper with layouts stored as .jars in database. For printing they are fetched, unpacked and then pointed to using a ClassLoader for Jasper to generate the PDF.

As we're looking to upgrade, significantly, by introducing a Jasper Server there are two main areas of interest (in addition to the JRXML re-writes):

  1. The passing of the reports data as part of the generation request.
    This seems to be possible by coding our own DataSource provider parsing a JSON parameter value
  2. The deployment of reports (JRXMLs, translation .properties etc.)

I've looked through the documentation, but have not found a good description of deployment. I'd hope it'd be similar to what we already do, but instead of putting the files into a JAR into the database we would upload the files in a Repository folder and reference that folder in the generation request. Is this how it should be done?

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Hi Jonas olsson,

Jaspersoft supports Json Datasource or Autonomous REST connection which can invoke API calls and retrieve data in Json Format.: Please refer to the documentation: https://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/autonomous-rest-connector-tibco-jaspersoft-studio


Manage Repository: JasperReports Server has a built-in repository where you can store your report resources (JRXML files, images, translations, etc.). You can use the Jaspersoft WebUI Interface to login to the application and then manage the repository.

Export and Import of Resources: We can try to export all the resources as a zip folder. Please refer to the old documentation(Please check the version of the old Jaspersoft and check the steps in jasperreports-server-administration-guide. Here I have given the document for JRS 5.5): https://community.jaspersoft.com/documentation/jasperreports-server-administration-guide/v550/import-and-export-through-command-line. You can try to export from the old Jaspersoft and then import the zip folder to the latest version of Jaspersoft.

A sample export and import command : js-export --everything --output-zip EverythingExportTest.zip --include-attributes --keyalias deprecatedImportExportEncSecret &
js-import --input-zip EverythingExportTest.zip --skip-themes --keyalias deprecatedImportExportEncSecret --update

Now test the reports and see if there are any issues with the report execution. Since you mentioned that your existing Jaspersoft is very old, there are chances that minor modifications need to be done either on Jrxml reports or on the server configuration. Make sure you test all the different reports/flows before promoting the changes to Production.




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