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Exporting report using jasperreports REST API

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I created jasper report and it runs perfectly on jasperserver, also export is fine to XLS pr XLSX from jasperserver.

Problem is when i call jasperreports REST server API and export report to XLS or XLSX using rest API. I noticed same is with report in PDF format.

I got report where in every new page rowGroups are repeated, i upload attachment how it looks.

Just to be clear, report is good in all formats when i run and export it using jasperserver directly.

Is there some special property i need to set when calling jasperserver rest api, in order to get valid exported report?

Any help will be appreciated, as i am struggling with this problem for a while.

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Hello There,

Can you try adding the following property:

<property name="net.sf.jasperreports.export.xls.exclude.origin.keep.first.band.1" value="columnHeader"/>

That should keep the first occurrence of the band and not include any successive occurrences of the same band headers.

Hope that helps! 

Thank you


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