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Missing Report Name and column names


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I have this legacy report for a client. It ran fine but as soon as i saved it with a minor edit, it no longer displays the report name and column names when exported to any formats like PDF, Excel, Doc, etc... Again, report shows the correct data from the SQL but not showing report title and the column names. Please help. 

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It seems like the minor edit you made to the legacy report might have inadvertently caused the issue with the report title and column names not displaying correctly when exported to various formats. Here are some possible reasons for this problem and steps you can take to resolve it:

  1. Check the Edit: Review the edit you made to the report carefully. Ensure that you didn't accidentally delete or modify any sections related to the report title or column headers.

  2. Verify Data Source: Double-check the data source and SQL query to ensure that the correct data is being retrieved from the database. If the data is correct but not displaying correctly, the issue might be related to the report's layout or design.

  3. Export Settings: Check the export settings within the reporting tool you are using. Some tools allow you to customize the export settings, including which elements should be included in the exported file (e.g., report title, column names). Make sure these settings are configured correctly.

  4. Column Headers: If the issue is with the column names not displaying, check if the column headers are still present in the report's design. They might have been inadvertently modified or removed during the edit.

  5. Layout and Design: Examine the layout and design of the report to ensure that the report title and column headers are correctly placed and visible. Sometimes, changes to the report's layout can affect the visibility of certain elements.

  6. Export Format: If the issue occurs specifically when exporting to a particular format (e.g., PDF, Excel, Doc), try exporting to other formats to see if the problem persists. This can help narrow down whether the issue is specific to a particular format or more widespread.

  7. Rollback Changes: If you are unable to identify the specific cause of the issue, consider rolling back the changes to the report to its previous version, when it was functioning correctly. This can help isolate the edit that caused the problem.

  8. Check for Updates: If you are using a reporting tool or software, check for updates or patches that might address known issues or bugs.

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Thanks for the feedback. I checked all the items mentioned above in your reply but problem still exists. The only change that was made to this legacy report was the sort order. I simply swapped out one of the existing data fields from the select statement making sure it was valid and spelled correctly.

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@lunchtimeres was very thorough in their response to your issue. Without the exact data that you are returning from your query, it's hard to test this issue. I would look again, in detail, at the font, size of text, size of box, etc because if the text doesn't wholly fit within the box, that could cause your issue. I've seen this happen only on export as well (since we have different code to produce exports than what you see on the page - essentially you see an HTMLExport of the report when looking in your browser, but PDFExporter, ExcelExporter, etc will be used to generate the other formats). I realize you only changed the sorting, but it could be something else changed in the schema for our reports. Are you using the same version of JSS to edit the report? If not, remember there is a compatibility setting in JSS you can set to force it to use the older code - give that a shot as well.


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