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Using filters to exclude CSV headers, title, pagination in JasperReportsLibrary 6.19

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We had some code that was working in Jasper Reports Library 4.5, which used filters that were set on the exporter to exclude headers, title... from CSV output: 

JROriginExporterFilter filter = new JROriginExporterFilter();
                filter.addOrigin(new JROrigin(BandTypeEnum.PAGE_HEADER));
                filter.addOrigin(new JROrigin(BandTypeEnum.PAGE_FOOTER));
                filter.addOrigin(new JROrigin(BandTypeEnum.TITLE));
                exporter.setParameter(JRExporterParameter.FILTER, filter);

This code is no longer working when we upgraded to Jasper Reports Library 6.19.1.   It appears that JRExporterParameter is deprecated, and the way to do this is to set a configuration object on the exporter: 


Though, I only see a way to get a filter on the configuration, but not set it?   


ReportExportConfiguration  getExporterFilter() 

How can I use this same JROriginExporterFilter in order to exclude title, headers, pagination... for CSV exports in 6.19.1?  



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