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Frame - horizontal layout + Remove line when blank - How to hide blank columns - Resize columns automatically

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I have case where I try to do hide text field from frame, when it's empty. Exmplate:

I have put frame into report -> set Layouts to horizontal Layout. Added three text fields to frame -> Selected "Remove line when empty" for all three text fields and set position type to Float.

I leave col 2 field in  empty

"Col 1""Col 2""Col 3"


What I try to achieve, is to have middle, empty field to disappear and two other to fill it's placce, like this:

"Col 1""Col 3"


This works just as expected, when using vertical layout, but I cannot get same kind of behavior with horizontal layout.

Is there way to get that done???

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You can use a table element with print when condition on the column to hide it; and the rest of the columns to its right will get auto moved to the left to place its void.


The print when condition however needs to be determined before the table elements are being laid out. In addition, the width of the report field is fixed at the design time therefore you cannot expand the field width dynamically at the run time. (The stretch can only be applied to the report field height, not the width when its content is overflown).   

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