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Reference fields from custom datasets

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I need to execute multiple queries and compare their results at the end.

I made multiple datasets in my report for it with the different queries.

But I am unable to use the fields in my report.

for instance I have a dataset created orders what has a field order_id. I try to use this field by using $F{orders.order_id}. I report doesn't recognize this.

Appreciate any assistance.



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I think your syntax is wrong. $F{orders.order_id} looks for a field called "orders.order_id". When you pass a Datasource to a (Sub-)Report, you have to create a field called "order_id" and call $F{order_id}. Jasperreports gets the data by calling

public Object getFieldValue(JRField jrField) throws JRException from JRDataSource

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In studio, you cannot use a dataset fields directly into the main report. You can use Dataset fields,  if your main report has a list, table or sub-reports.  If you want to compare the results of datasets. There are two ways. 

1. writing a scriptlet 

2. Handling at the query itself.

3. using return variables from each dataset element and compare the values.

Hope this help you.

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Hello rpachipu,

Thanks for your explanation.

The main issue that I face is that my dataset queries that I use to execute and print data in tables have parameters to be passed which I am taking from the main report.

How can I reference those parameters while executing the query for my table dataset ?


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