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Getting "org.apache.commons.lang does not exist" error while updating jasper to 6.20.5


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Hi ,

I'm trying to update Jasper to the latest version Jasper reports 6.20.5 when I update I'm getting "org.apache.commons.lang does not exist" error even though it's already added.

I'm using the following in sbt

"net.sf.jasperreports" % "jasperreports" % "6.20.5",
  "com.lowagie" % "itext" % "2.1.7",
  "org.olap4j" % "olap4j" % "1.2.0",
  "net.sf.jasperreports" % "jasperreports-fonts" % "6.20.5",
  "com.github.librepdf" % "openpdf" % "1.3.30",
  "org.apache.commons" % "commons-collections4" % "4.1",

 "org.apache.commons" % "commons-lang3" % "3.11"


Error :

org.apache.commons.lang does not exist




Thanks in advance...!!



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