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How to integrate JasperReport with nodeJs - Como integrar JasperReport con nodeJs

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ENGLISH:  I need help please!!!, I created a report in JasperStudio and I want to integrate that report with NodeJs to be able to generate the report either in pdf or in another format, I have tried several libraries but none of them work for me, I am using typescript and as Express framework. and you want to view that report in an angular application.

SPANISH: Necesito ayuda por favor!!!, creé un reporte en JasperStudio y quiero integrar ese reporte con NodeJs para poder generar el reporte ya sea en pdf o en otro formato, he probado varias bibliotecas pero ninguna me funciona , estoy usando framework y como marco Express. y se quiere visualizar ese reporte en una palicacion de angular.

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JasperReports is a Java library  and can be used to produce reports using Java. 

Please see this javascipt framework to embed reports from the Jasperserver into your applicatios, it is a commercial feature.



You can also embed reports via iframe and REST/HTTP APIs. In both instances you will require JasperServer.

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