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JDBC Data Adapter not showing jar file


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I am using Jaspersoft Studio 6.20 (Community Edition). I am trying to create a new data adapter to point at an AS400 server but after successfully adding the jar file (found jt400-6.4 and jt400-6.7 online) in the Driver Classpath, the Database Location -> JDBC Driver is not showing the newly added jar files. I am currently working with Studio but would eventually move this into Jasper Server, any additional info is appreciated.



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Hi Urriah.aguilera

Once you add the driver jar in the class "Driver Classpath", you will need to enter the JDBC Driver name, URL, Username and Password manually in "Database Location" tab. You will not see it added to the "JDBC Driver" dropdown field. Please see the setup for the adapter below.

as400-setup1.png.bd88c7fa4bb704ac17ef17f676d2d356.png  as400-setup2.png.079701f1bf7ce6b8350c80a92bad1733.png

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