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Good morning,

I want to do a report on the number of transit stops per municipality. This database contains only text values.
I am new to this software and I was wondering if it was possible to count the number of canton?
And my second question is that it is possible to count according to a condition, that is to say to count by canton the number of active or not (format column text)

Thank you for your help

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Thank you for returning. I use Jaspersoft studio.
For the first I used a variable with as calculation "count" and value class name "string".
However for the second one as soon as I put an expression "$F{arret_dormant} == "No" it puts me an error message is that I must do otherwise than by a variable?

thank you for your help

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Good morning,

I am attaching you to an image of my capture of the variable.
I made a if starting from the expression that if stop dormant  == "No", set it to 1, otherwise 0.
The calculation I put the sum.
However it is in my inital expression that I am not . I can’t find in the intial expression that we start from zero, so that the sum works. If someone has already done it I am a taker of the method  . =)
Thanks for the help

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