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HyperLink problem

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By: petershen - pshen

HyperLink problem

2004-03-24 19:12

Can a HyperLink link to another jasperreports?


In the sample of jasperReports I only find links to archor, or another pdf,like that.


Best Regards,






By: David Lim - aberrant80

RE: HyperLink problem

2004-03-24 19:51

What do you mean "to another jasperreports"? u want to link to the api?





By: petershen - pshen

RE: HyperLink problem

2004-03-24 23:04

Thank u for u reply.

what i mean is:

on open report there's link which links to another jasperreport.

so If I view this report with pfd, on the pdf the hyperlink can link to another pdf file,

while if i view the report with jrviewer, click this report it will popup another report in jrviewer.


Thank you so much






By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: HyperLink problem

2004-03-25 11:58




You need to implement the JRHyperlinkListener

interface and register and instance with the viewer

so that you get informed when the user clicks on

a hyperlink in the viewer.

Then, based on the information from the link that was

clicked you can launch yourself another viewer with

a different document.


By default, the viewer cannot do that for you

because it has no idea about how do you want

to handle the links.

This way you teach it what to do.


I hope this helps.


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