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fails to run report on Jasper Server


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Dear: We are working with JR TIBCO client version 6.1.1 and Jasper server, and we have the following problem:


1. In local environment with Data Adapter based on a Json, it works without problems


2. We upload it to the Jasper Server and publish if I execute the main.jrxml it works, but when we execute it at full server level it gives us the following error:



We have tried to see what the error is, but we have not found the solution, to see if you can give us some help.


On the other hand, I explored the option to create Domains, but in the Jasper Server version 6.1.1 that option does not appear, I do not know if it is not enabled or that version does not work with domains.

 I appreciate in advance all the possible help

 Thank you goodbye






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Looks like the issue is that JasperReports Server (JRS) couldn't find your XML data source: Data_sources/NDA_note.xml. 

Make sure your data source is accessible by JRS and the user running your reports has the right access to it. 

If the Domain option is not shown this would mean either, you're using the free community version, or the option has been disabled for your role in JRS administration files. 

You can also check out below the AutoRest driver for JasperReports Server, which works from version 7, it's an easy way to create reports using SQL on JSON data : 

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