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Convert string to collection


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So, i have a report that has 2 parameters that are strings and look like this, "1,2,3" "john,dave,bob", and i want to iterate them into the detail band, how can i do that? I tried to cast them to collection using .split(",") but cant seem to iterate them. Any help would be appreciated.

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I call the report in my code when a button is pressed, and some parameters are sent, 2 of them are strings that i need to show in the detail band. I dont run any sql in this report. Its all about the data i get from the parameters to build the report.

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have a look at this method:


One of the parameters is a datasource. This is where you put your data. Not in the parameters.

One of the datasources you could use in your case is this:


You create a list with your beans and them create a datasource as the above.

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