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Dynamic extensions in pdf files generated by Jasper

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in our company we want to create dynamic pdf files soon. Today we are using Jasper. 

We are not sure, if the function is supported by Jasper, that we need: 


We want to show on the document five reference numbers (logistics context) directly, but if there are more available, we do not want to show them directly. The user should have the possibility to click on an "unfold" button. And of course backwards. 
Is this behaviour to unfold and fold up supported by Jasper? 

Next question is, can every single pdf reader work with this behaviour? 
I only found examples with the acrobat reader, that things could be unfolded and folded up again. But if i was opening the same document with for example the integrated Google chrome pdf viewer, this function did not work. 




How can we manage different languages. Is there also a possibility to switch between languages by clicking an button? 

Again, the target people are normal customers in whole europe, asia, america ... So all different types of pdf viewers should manage it.


After my online Recherche, i guess, that his functionality is not available for pdf files and even does not make any sense. PDF Files, that can be handled by every pdf reader, are more static documents. 
Am i wright?

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