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Need Help:Problem while closing Jasper Viewer

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By: Sathyaprakash - sathy_bit

Need Help:Problem while closing Jasper Viewer

2005-12-20 02:10


I am using the Jasper Report for preparing reports. I am developing application in Swing. I write the program for creating the report in Jasper Viewer. And I called that class by creating object in the main program. Everything is working fine and the Report is generated in the Jasper viewer as expected.


But the Problem is When I close that Jasper Viewer window then total application is getting closed. I don't know how to solve this problem. So please help me in this regard. Now i am in Project Deadline.










By: zoran_k - zoran_k

RE: Need Help:Problem while closing Jasper Vi

2005-12-20 05:52

In "JasperViewer" which is a extend from javax.swing.JFrame , You could find a constructor:


public JasperViewer( JasperPrint jasperPrint, boolean isExitOnClose ) throws JRException {


this.isExitOnClose = isExitOnClose;


this.viewer = new JRViewer(jasperPrint);

this.pnlMain.add(this.viewer, BorderLayout.CENTER);


Just put a 'false' ,like second primitiv par. in a calling. That's all.

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