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Printing on specific printer trays

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By: Thomas Bednarz - thomasbednarz

Printing on specific printer trays

2005-12-19 08:51

Can anybody recommend a network printer for the following jobs:


We automatically generate PDF invoices and send them by e-mail to the buyer. This works fine. We now like to automatically print the invoices to a dedicated printer. Depending on several criterias the invoice should be printed on plain or on pre-printed paper. Each type of paper is in a different tray.


We thought using JRPrintServiceExporter but Java seems to have problems to print on specific trays (I read lots of negative messages about printing on HP printers)


Since we will have to buy a new printer for this purpose, does anybody have experience with printing reports requesting paper from specific printer trays? Basically the following things are required:


- Printing entire report on paper from a specific tray (e.g. tray1 or tray2)

- Printing first page from tray2 and all following pages from tray3


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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