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New Page for every record

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By: LAY Oro - layoro

New Page for every record

2005-12-11 18:04

Hello All!


I hava a question to ask on how to display my report in the new page for every record?( for exe: if i have 2 records there ll be at least to page nomatter how the detail it's)

It is possible to do that?

Hope anyone get an idea to share!











By: Denny Valliant - xenden

RE: New Page for every record

2005-12-11 23:32

This one is easy.


Put the row in a group band and set the band's "isStartNewPage" setting to "true".


That is NOT the exact command, but a quick look in any number of places should show you how. If you use iReport, there is a checkbox in the "band properties" dialogue, or, you can look through the API docs or maybe the DTD or who knows where else to see what the actual setting is called.


Sorry I didn't provide it on a platter here for you... my computer is shutting down so I can't check anything for specifics. I'm confident that you can find it on your own tho, with just the "isStartNewPage" hint. :-)

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