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What path variable should I set and where, in order to point to phantomjs.exe ?


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Hello... I'm facing the issue: "No PhantomJS executable configured!" when running my java project in development. I'm wasting a lot time trying to figure out and test and test again whereabout should whatever path variable set in my java project (Netbeans) in Windows in order to configuring the path to phantomjs.exe

Just trying a simple jasper report (I load .jasper file from java) whith a sample and simple custom visualization component out of the Jaspersoft Studio box.

I've read that at least this property should be set (?):

net.sf.jasperreports.phantomjs.executable.path or com.jaspersoft.jasperreports.components.customvisualization.phantomjs.executable.path 

the value seems to be set to for example C:\Path\phantomjs.exe   (?)

Whereabout should I place any of those or the correct variable? Any other variables to add? In application.properties?

I'd really appreciate some help...

Many thanks...


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From: https://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/adding-custom-visualization-components-tibco-jaspersoft-studio-62

Adding a CVC to Jaspersoft Studio

Requirements for Using CVCs

You must install PhantomJS before you can use a custom visualization component in Jaspersoft Studio. PhantomJS is available for all the major OSs here: http://phantomjs.org/

Once you have installed PhantomJS, add it to your classpath. As of Jaspersoft Studio 6.2, there is no additional configuration needed to use PhantomJS.


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