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How do I specify a date range in the print when expression for elemnets

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I am trying to add a print when expression for an image on a report that is set by date so that if the current date is between x date and y date the image will be printed otherwise it wont. I do this for other types of data but I get all manner of errors when trying to do it with date, I have tried many things but not gotten anywhere, usually it complains that I can't use the > function with a date. What I have been trying is some thing like this

new Date() => new Date (2019-01-01) && new Date() =< new date (2019-02-01)  

I apologize I don't have the exact code I have tried as I am away from my work computer but in any event nothing I have tried has worked so I'm probably way off anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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Ok, So I figured it out and am posting to help anyone else that comes across this.

new java.util.Date().after (DATE(2019,8,01)) && new java.util.Date().before (DATE(2019,8,02)) 

will do the trick, one note is that you cannot use 08 and 09, for whatever reason they are not allowed and you must use 8 and 9 with out leading zeros for them otherwise its fine to use 01, 02 and so forth.

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