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Jasper server scheduling report throws validation error on contentRepositoryDestination.folderUR


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I tried to schedule a report with rest v2 on JRS 7.1.1

1. url:

2. body  :

   "label":"My Report",
   "description":"Scheduling a report",
      "messageText":"Report has been successfully run and attached.",
      "subject":"My Report",
      "messageTextWhenJobFails":"Reports recevied an Error"
         "startDate":"2019-06-27 14:32",

3. Headers :

content-type: application/job+json
accept: application/job+json
X-HTTP-Method-Override: PUT
authorization: Basic ........(using the admin username and password for authentication)

and  response:



"error": [  {

"errorCode": "error.not.empty",

"defaultMessage": "The value cannot be empty",

"field": "contentRepositoryDestination.folderURI"



The same request works with JRS 6.4.0 and the job is getting scheduled with no issues. 





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