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Jaspersoft usermaintanace audittral report

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We are in the process of getting the jaspersoft reporting tool in addition to ouw new Mobile Earth application.

from a small user manual i could learn that several standard reports on diffterent criteria are available.

in checking the reports and the appendix on codes usedin the reports, i could not find any, where the "usermaintanace and user activity" from withing the jaspersoft reporttool itself, was being reported.

only activity and maintanace out of the Mobile earth tool looked to be "tracked and visible in the reports.

Is there a place where such Jaspersoft actions are reported?

for excample, creating a user,  modifying reports in jaspersoft itself, who ran a report..

note: i am not sureunder wich related projects this should be.

kindly awaiting


May-Lieng Sjak-Shie



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Question followup:


regarding the answer on the audit trail, I have a follow up question.

if I cannot find the neither the log collector option nor the audit report option as mentioned in the documentation, even when signedon as the default jasperadmin, does that mean we have  a "limited" version of the application?


Kindly awaiting



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