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printing ireport to printer does not show same data as in preview


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I am having an issue with a report that runs perfectly and returns right data in Preview. However, when printing the report to a printer (Zebra GC420D) It does not display the same number of records as in the preview. The issue happens exactly when the number of rows that is in the Detail section is 15. I am not sure if there is something I need to adjust in the settings of the report to account for the number of rows in the table. Also, the printer is loaded with a 4-inch wide paper roll.

Could anyone please help?

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It does not belong to the used designing tool for JasperReports.... it's either whether you take the (good old & fast) iReport or the (insane lame) JasperSoftStudio.

Its more because Zebra Printers are initialy designd to print labels send via their own printer language "ZBL".... so sending a 2D PrintJob from Java is quite a pain - but feasible. Many customers of us complained the "poor" quality, as the Zebra Printer interpreted the sent fonts and also barcodes from JasperReports just as an image... so that's why for example a barcode lable design in JasperReports (either if barbecue or barcode4j) won't be as sharp as if you sent it via the lable software that is mostly included with the zebra printers (as they use the ZBL language) .

So try to adjust a page format at the printer driver that matches 100% (!) your jrxml layout/pageformat and be aware of the page margings and also if the printer is moving forward to the cutter line (if present), that made us crazy in some former customer projects also. :-)

good luck + regards



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